What's Wrong With Ali? Leah Calvert Tweets About Her Daughter

Leah Calvert’s daughter Aliannah.

Fans of the Teen Mom series follow the Twitter pages of all their favorite cast members — and one tweet that appeared this morning has a lot of people worried.

Leah Calvert left this cryptic message: “I will not eat until my baby girl can eat. #AliannahHope…we miss you…#AleeahGrace && love you!!”

It must have come as a surprise to fans, who would be the first to note that Ali seemed just fine when Leah and her husband, Jeremy, took her and her sister, Aleeah, to Chuck E. Cheese just this Sunday.

But little Aliannah has battled health issues all her life, from underdeveloped leg muscles to vision problems requiring glasses. Plus, we all know how quickly children’s health can turn from “just fine” to “call the pediatrician.” So what happened? Did Ali take a tumble at home? Spike a fever? Put a Squinky up her nose?

Happily, it’s none of the above.

Leah’s mother, Dawn Spears, updated fans on her own Twitter account: “Ali had a procedure today and couldn’t eat. She’s fine #testing”

No more details have emerged yet, but our guess is that Ali’s muscle or brain development is being monitored again, and she had to have an empty stomach for the test.

Hope Ali — and her mom! — have a big dinner ready tonight!

[Photo: via Twitter]

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