When Is Beyonce's Due Date? Beyonce Talks Being Pregnant, Taking a Break (Video)

Beyonce pregnant bump watch due date
Beyonce reveals her due date!

For those wondering “When is Beyonce’s due date?,” wonder no more… Beyonce tells all in a recent Australia’s “Sunday Tonight” interview.

Drumroll, please…

Beyonce is due in February!

Bey also talks about taking a break from her singing career – that must be a totally foreign concept for one of the hardest working women in the music business!

Beyonce shares, “[Being pregnant] already has changed my life. My husband and I have been together for 10 years, all of my twenties. I just feel like it’s time and I’m very grateful that God has blessed me with the biggest gift any human can have.”

She continues, “I think because I’ve accomplished a lot of things for myself and I really know who I am, I didn’t rush into anything. If there’s any time, right now is the time, and I’m so happy.”

Bey shares that she decided to take a break before getting pregnant – no easy task for the workaholic, who explains, “It was a bit overwhelming. I was a bit numb and kind of lost.”

Seems she didn’t “know how to take a year off, adding, “It was scary, but it empowered me.”

We can’t wait to see baby Bey-Z in February!