When Will Kate and Will Start a Family? Give Them A Year!

royal wedding
Will and Kate

When should Kate and Will have kids?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are still fresh off their royal wedding and enjoying being newlyweds  But of course, we can’t help but wonder when will they have kids?  When should they start a family?

Of course, they should start a family when they’re ready but it’s fun to speculate!

But I’m sure they will take some time before taking that huge leap into parenthood.  The way the royal couple handled the royal wedding relaxed and graceful is definitely the way that they will handle parenthood.

Will and Kate are planning to cross the pond and visit Canada in June and July (and I hope to see them!) and have also penciled in a two-day visit to Hollywood, probably with a visit with the Beckhams.

William is 28 and Kate is 29 which leaves them with a good few years to wait, if they so desired.  Perhaps Kate will want to at least be pregnant by the time she is 30. They are both at a good age to start a family.

I give them a year before they start trying to conceive!

How long do you think it will be before we hear Kate is pregnant?

Photo: PCN