Ali Fedotowsky & Roberto Martinez Plan Their Honeymoon


Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez have just moved in together after getting engaged and are wasting no time making wedding plans.

“I’ve been thinking about [the wedding] but I don’t want to say anything yet, because once I say it, it’s like set in stone,” she told Hollywood Life.

While she’s not dishing on her ‘I Do’ she is talking honeymoon plans.

“I’m thinking Thailand for a honeymoon spot. I’ve never been to Asia and I want to experience that culture, so we’ll see,” she continued.

As for when they will be booking those plan tickets, shes’ not giving any hints, stating that they’ve picked a date but doesn’t want to say. “There are some things I want to keep to us for a little bit.”

They’ll have plenty of privacy on the beaches of Thailand.