Where Have All The Children Gone?


brangelina-twins-ice-cream-shopWhere in the world have Knox and Vivienne been for the last year? Why have Brad and Angelina been hiding them from the world?

Probably for all the reasons you would hide your own kids from the public eye if you had a zillion cameras in your face every time you left the house.

‘Angie wanted to keep them sheltered from prying eyes. It means it’s been easier for the twins to have a routine. The babies both love playtime and are creative, thanks to being surrounded by their older brothers and sisters.

‘Viv’s very much a girl’s girl; she loves dolls and little tea sets, while Knox is crazy about his toy cars and loves playing in the mud. They have reading time before bed at around 7pm and an iPod with sleepytime music that helps them nod off.

‘Knox always has an arm round Viv. Brad and Angie sometimes have to leave them with a big team of nannies and security minders when they go away on UN trips or filming, but their routine never changes.’

That sound adorable. My kids do that too, I love it.

Vivienne also has food allergies so that makes it hard to be out and about all the time.

Brad and Angelina are super protective of the babies. Wouldn’t you be?