Where is Santa Claus? Your Kids Can Call Santa Free

Where is Santa Claus? Give him a call!

Where is Santa? Are your kids as excited as mine about the big guy’s arrival tonight?

But, mine want to know if Santa is sure that he knows where our house is and how to get in. Plus, if he really knows what they each want. Oh, and if it’s really okay that we leave him some juice instead of milk.

Why not let them give Santa a call? Don’t worry, it’s free. 

Call 855-34-SANTA and your kids will hear this message: “Hello, you’ve reached Santa Claus at my google voice number.  Right now, I’m rather busy preparing for the holidays and the elves and I are making more presents than ever.  I would love to hear from you though so please leave a message after the bell. Ho, ho, ho, happy holidays!”

How exciting for the kids to leave a message for Santa! Or for mom and dad to call Santa on speaker phone and leave a message about their children’s behavior and what they deserve while the kids can listen in.