'Where The Wild Things Are' Won't Scare Babies (Video)



Did Spike Jonze screw up and make a kids movie that makes children cry until they throw up? The following video evidence says no.

Trailer Reaction from We Love You So on Vimeo.

Sure, Spike has a tendency to create absurd, disorienting landscapes in his films, but rarely do they fall into the horror genre.

Still, I can understand the concern over rumors that test audiences (filled with toddlers) found the film terrifying. I always though those hairy monsters were creepy… of course the story doesn’t work if they’re not a little freaky at first.

Rumors are still flying about Spike and Michelle Williams’ (Heath Ledger’s ex-fiance) supposedly inevitable marriage, but no official word has been given.

One things for sure, it looks like Spike and Matilda get along great … and his most recent work all seems to be really kid-oriented: Where the Wild Things Are, and Everyone Poops.

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