Where Was John Edwards When The Baby News Hit?


edwardsWhere was John Edwards when the news broke that he really is the father of Francis Quinn Hunter, the daughter of his ex-mistress Rielle Hunter? He was far far away…in Haiti.

Just hours after he released a official statement claiming paternity, he arrived in the devastated country with a large group of people (including the actor Sean Penn,  armed with supplies and medicine.  Edwards is not speaking publically on the matter yet. Instead he had family friend and lawyer Harrison Hickman do his talking for him. When asked in Haiti about the confirmation of him being the baby daddy Edwards said, “I’ve said what I have to say for now, and I’m here to help people.”

So why did John Edwards decide to come clean now? There is a book coming out next week that includes evidence of Edwards affair and that he fathered the child. The author Andrew Young said, “For it to come out a week before my book is coming out … I’ve expected it a long time. I expected they were going to do a public relations campaign to promote him, which I’m very skeptical of. All of sudden he’s a doting, loving father of Quinn. I’m skeptical of it.”

Yes Edwards is trying to escape the media circus on these revelations, but at least he’s helping in Haiti doing something productive.


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