Where Was Stephanie Madoff - Mark Madoff's Wife - When He Took His Life?


Stephanie Madoff Mark Madoff Wife

Where was Stephanie Madoff, the wife of Mark Madoff, when he opted to commit suicide while their 2-year-old son Nicholas slept in the next room? She was in far, far away in Florida with their other child, five year old Audrey.  But she had been worried about her husband…

Before he took his life, Mark had been emotionally distressed due to the impending anniversary of his father’s arrest and being named in a big civil suit that he feared would lead him to prison. Stephanie Madoff apparently had gotten an email from her husband Mark Madoff saying that someone should come make sure 2-year-old Nicholas was okay. She recruited her husband to look in on him and that’s when Mark Madoff’s body was found hanging from a pipe in the living room of their Soho loft.

She is surely devestated. Just two years ago, Mark and Stephanie Madoff were on top of the world with lush vacation homes, private jets and access to anything money could buy. And not only did the family become social pariahs but Stephanie lost her husband and the two children lost their father. Tragic.

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