Where Will Suri Cruise Go To School?


Schools out for summer, but parents have got to plan ahead! It’s about time for Suri, who turned 4 this past weekend with a cupcake-filled party, to go to school.

They grow up so fast don’t they?

It’s not gonna be easy choice to pick a school for her. They have to think about more than just education, but also security. Tom and Katie are also at odds because of a major difference in their belief systems.

“Tom really wants Suri enrolled at the Delphi Academy,” a source tells OK!

Delphi Academy is located in LA and is a Scientology-related school where children are taught by what challenges them and not put into a grade level based on age.

Katie meanwhile, wants Suri to attend a Catholic school. “Katie is not sold. She wants her daughter to learn the basics the same way she did.”

This is a tough decision and an important one. It’s going to be hard for them to pick. Let’s hope they’re good at making compromises.