Which Kardashian Will Get Pregnant Next? Khloe, Kourtney or Kim?

Which Kardashian sister will get pregnant next kim khloe kourtney
Which Kardashian sister will get pregnant next?

Which Kardashian sister will get pregnant next? Khloe, Kourtney or Kim?

Place your bets, as a different rumor about a different sister is swirling every day.

Here are how some of the recent Kardashian rumors have been shaking out:

Kim Kardashian was rumored to be pregnant, even gracing the cover of a magazine that practically shouted she was pregnant. Kim was quick to set the record straight on her blog, saying that she’s not pregnant. She is, however, a doting auntie to Kourtney’s baby Mason, so she seems like a natural… and she is said to be hurrying to get married to Kris Humphries this summer. Could they be rushing to the wedding so they can move on to having a baby together?

Khloe Kardashian’s baby-making abilities were questioned on the Khloe and Lamar finale, as she visited the doctor to see if she had infertility issues. Khloe was given the all-clear by the doctor and has even been rumored to be trying IVF, so maybe Khloe will be announcing she’s pregnant soon?

Kourtney Kardashian already has baby Mason, but has also been rumored to be wanting to beat Khloe and Kim to the punch by getting pregnant again. Our bet is that Kourtney will not be getting pregnant soon as she’s got her hands full with two babies already – Mason and Scott (zinger!)!

So, which Kardashian sister do you think will get pregnant next? We’re betting on Khloe for the win, but don’t be surprised if Kim doesn’t announce her pregnancy shortly after she becomes Mrs. Humphries.

Here’s a thought: what if Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are ALL are pregnant at the same time? We smell a new reality series!