White Collar Is Back: Five Reasons You Should Watch

Matthew Bomer
Matthew Bomer stars as Neal on "White Collar"

“White Collar” returns on USA tonight: the television show I’ve most been looking forward to!

If you’ve never seen it, “White Collar” centers around Neal Caffrey who is a white collar criminal who agrees to help the FBI solve crimes in exchange for his freedom. Neal is played by Matthew Bomer, who is convincing in his role as art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and racketeer.

Five reasons you should be watching:

1. “White Collar” is a smart, witty show. After a day of watching “Dora” or “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” moms can use something to make us think.

2.  Neal Caffrey is so charming.  He’ll make you smile.

3.  The odd couple of Peter and Elizabeth Burke, played by Tim DeKay and Tiffani Thiessen.  The straight-laced Peter and his total-opposite wife show us that marriage can work.

4.  Mozzie! Neal’s friend who is still in the criminal world.  He adds a comic element to the show and is played by Willie Garson.

5.  “White Collar” is an original.  You won’t find any other show like it.

Do you watch “White Collar?”

Photo: PRPhotos