Whitney Houston Celebrates Daughter's Birthday in Style


Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney HoustonFile this one under celebrities are not just like us. Bobbi Kristina — who goes by Krissy — got the royal treatment for her 17th birthday by mom Whitney Houston in Australia.  First, there was the “pre-celebration” during which “they rented a beautiful boat and took a four-hour cruise all around Sydney Harbor with Krissy’s friends, the dancers and family members.”  Then there was the main event.

During her concert in Adelaide, Houston added the song “Who Would Imagine a King” from The Preacher’s Wife, which is her daughter’s favorite and not usually part of the lineup. Then Krissy was invited on stage and serenaded with “Happy Birthday” by mom and the entire audience — and of course presented a cake.

Houston is currently on her Nothing But Love tour, and has received some press scrutiny regarding disappointed fans and an unkempt appearance, suggesting her comeback tour is “a flop.”  Well, I’d pay to listen to the “I’m Every Woman” songstress regardless… Here’s hoping the next leg of the tour goes a bit smoother.  For a list of concert dates and locations, check here.


Source: People