Who Broke Into Jon's Apartment? Lawyer Has Proof It Wasn't Jon


alg_gosselinIt’s a classic ‘he said she said’. Team Jon Gosselin is assuming that Jon’s ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman destroyed his belonging in the recent burglary of his New York apartment. But Team Hailey is making their own claims that Jon staged it for ‘publicity’. A stunt that ruined a Ming vase (a family heirloom) and his favorite pair of shoes? Doubtful.  Especially with new evidence that Team Jon has gotten their hands on.

Jon’s lawyer told that a building security tape shows that Jon was only in his apartment for just a minute before he rushed to tell building management about the break-in.  Jon’s lawyer said, “He couldn’t have done all that damage in 60 seconds. His place was trashed, his belongings ripped to shreds.”
Team Jon is still convinced that Hailey was behind the destruction saying, “The forensics evidence will back up the vandalism.” He added, “She (Hailey) is looking at felony charges in my opinion. She is looking at four years. And if she is convicted she is definitely doing jail time. I don’t know that she will do four years, but she will do jail time.” He continued with,  “I mean taking a butcher knife and cutting expensive items,, breaking a family heirloom…  give me a break. I don’t know how you can cut her slack.”
Who do you think is at fault? Jon? Hailey? Or a third party?


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