Who Dies First in "The Godfather?" What Does That Have to Do with Bayer Asprin and Bandaids?

Who dies first in "The Godfather?"

Who dies first in “The Godfather?” Thanks to the Million Dollar Money Drop game show, this and other trivia questions are floating around, leaving the viewers wondering if they would know the answers if they were on the show.

The contestants had to choose from answers of Marlon Brando, who played Don Vito Corleon; Al Pacino, who played Michael Corleone; Robert Duvall, who played Tom Hagen, and James Caan, who played Santino “Sonny” Corleone.

The answer was James Caan.  Fans of the 1972 movie may have found this to be an easy trivia question.

Would you have gotten it right?

What about another of the questions of the night?

Do you know which one of these was invented first? Band-aid brand bandages, Bayer asprin, or Nyquil.

I would have immediately dismissed Nyquil(1960s) but been torn between the other two answers. Band-aid brand bandages were introduced in 1921, while Bayer asprin was around since 1827.

Are you good with this sort of trivia? Or do we rely on search engines too much?

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