Who Is A-Rod's Newest Date?


Forget about Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz, the leading ladies in Alex Rodriguez’s heart are his daughters Natasha, 5, and Ella, 2.

Natasha was lucky enough to be dad’s date for a recent party in honor of his Gotham Magazine cover and like all girls, had fun getting ready for the red carpet. “She’s very excited about her new dress and high heels, of course,” he said, “which is really exciting for her, but it makes me very nervous.”

Just wait till she hits 13, A-Rod.

While you would think the Yankees star would be out on the town celebrating each victory, his favorite thing to do is just spend time with his kids.

After Friday night’s Grand Slam the slugger tells Us Magazine that he went home and put them to bed. “Once you get home, whether you hit a home run, grand slam or strike out, all your kids want you to do is bathe them and read to them and put them to sleep.”

Sounds like a winning strategy.

And as for that whole Cameron or Kate thing, A-Rod has no plans on settling down soon. “Right now, what I’m most focused on is bringing the 28th world championship to the Yankees,” he said.  


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