Who Is Amazon Eve? (Includes Video)


Have you ever heard of Amazon Eve? Born in Turlock,CA, 31-year-old Amazon Eve is 6’8″ tall, making her the world’s tallest model. Because of her height, she is actually considered a “plus size” model.

Amazon Eve got her first major modeling gig when she was published on the cover of “Zoo Weekly” in November 2009.

Prior to breaking into the world of modeling, she worked as a fitness trainer. She’s now traveled all over the world and has been featured in many magazines.

Though most people consider being tall something to envy, there are several height-specific problems that tall people encounter. Amazon Eve is, according to the Americans With Disabilities Act, disabled. Tall individuals like Amazon Eve can be considered “disabled” when exit signs are hung too low or doorways in buildings are too short, for example.

Here is a video of Amazon Eve on Access Hollywod back in August 2010.


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