Who is Elvira Grau: The New Face on Real Housewives of New Jersey


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Elvira Grau made a splash debut on Real Housewives of New Jersey this week — and viewers should expect to see a lot more of her! “Oh, you’re going to see me,” she told In fact, the New Jersey party planner, who was in charge of Teresa Giudice’s housewarming bash, will also be appearing on Bethenny Frankel’s Bethenny Getting Married. Talk about a full-on dive into the Reality world.

So who is Elvira Grau?

She’s a mother of four (two kids of her own, and two step-kids). I sincerely hope they show her juggling work and kids, since keeping an event-planning business running in the high-stakes world of New Jersey housewives can’t be easy, especially while keeping four children on track. But as her bio proves, this wife is a survivor: Grau emigrated to the U.S. from Russia with her family when she was nine, and learned English for the first time after they settled in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. 

Today, she and her husband run outer-space—themed, “members only” event and entertainment spaces (think bar mitzvahs and birthday parties) in Englewood and Paterson N.J. Though business may not be booming. The NY Post reports that, like Teresa, Grau’s got financial woes: she and her husband owe $300,000 in taxes. That may be one reason she eagerly signed up for six (or more, the word’s still out!) episodes of RHONJ.

And when Elvira’s on screen, expect big drama. The outspoken Gray claims to be a fan of Teresa (but not Danielle or Caroline!). She told’s Celebrity Magnet, “I actually grew up on the same street and played with Tom and Al Manzo on the inner streets of Paterson N.J. Now we are neighbors again in Franklin Lakes. Small world. I can still remember they day as teenagers that their dad was whacked and put into the trunk of his Lincoln.”

Say what?

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