Who is Lisa Roberts Gillan? Julia Roberts' Sister Takes The Stage in Eat Pray Love


Eat Pray Love was a family affair. Not only did star Julia Roberts bring who kids to all the exotic locals for filming but she also got her own sister a gig on the flick.

Lisa Roberts Gillian has appeared in several of Julia’s films including Something to Talk About, I Love Trouble, Runaway Bride and Mona Lisa Smile. But her career isn’t just getting small roles in her sister’s films, she also has made guest appearances on Friends, Law & Order and Sex in the City.

In Eat Pray LoveJulia’s character goes to an off-Broadway production of one of her works, a piece called Permeable Membrane. Lisa Roberts Gillian appears along side James Franco as the actors in the play, a couple in what looks like the final stages of a relationship.  Lisa doesn’t much resemble her little sister, and you wouldn’t know they were related unless someone clued you in to that fact. But one thing for sure, sometimes nepotism is very very good.

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Photo: Sony Pictures