Who Is Peyton Manning's Wife? Six Things About Ashley Manning, Including If They Have Kids

peyton manning wife
Peyton Manning's wife, Ashley, with her husband

Who is Peyton Manning’s wife? Her name is Ashley Manning, and although her husband is one of the most famous men in America, playing in Manning Bowl II right now against brother Eli Manning as father Archie Manning looks on, Ashley manages to keep a much lower profile. Rumors of a Peyton Manning divorce have surfaced every so often as well; but these two look to still be together.

Here’s six things about Ashley Manning, including whether she and Peyton have kids.

1. She grew up in Memphis, Tenn.

2. She went to the University of Virginia, graduating in 1997.

3. She runs a real estate development company.

4. She prefers to stay away from the media. “I like to stay out of the spotlight,” she once said.

5. She and Peyton were college sweethearts. Sports Illustrated had a great article about the two of them years and years ago in which she said she had to order Chinese food for him because he couldn’t figure out how to do it himself.

6. They do not have any kids … yet. But considering how important family is to the Mannings, we bet they’ll have some of their own or adopt in due time.


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