Who Is Pippa Middleton Dating? Not Prince Harry! Who is Alex Loudon? (Photo)

Who is Pippa Middleton dating alex loudon prince harry
Who is Pippa Middleton dating?

Who is Pippa Middleton dating? Pippa and Prince Harry did not hook up as a couple, as some royal wedding watchers would have hoped from their flirty ways during the event… in fact, Pippa is rumored to be dating Alex Loudon.

Who is Alex Loudon?

Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon, a former English cricket player who retired at age 27 to start a business career, are reportedly a couple.

Alex Loudon, 30, is friends with Prince William.

Pippa Middleton was gorgeous at the royal wedding, almost stealing the show from sister Kate Middleton (we said *almost*!)

Are you on team Pippa / Prince Harry?

A Facebook page, “Pippa Middleton is single – Prince Harry likes this” is now 60,000 fans strong and growing, but something tells us that Pippa and Prince Harry will never be a couple.

Check out a photo of Pippa Middleton’s boyfriend, Alex Loudon.