Who Is Samuel Koch? Why is #prayforsamuel Trending On Twitter? The Bieber Connection

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What is Justin Bieber's connection to Samuel Koch?

Who is Samuel Koch? And why is #prayforsamuel trending on Twitter? Your tween or teen may be able to tell you, because there’s a Justin Bieber connection. Koch was injured performing a stunt yesterday and is in intensive care, according to what I was able to piece together from Twitter. Bieber cancelled today’s concert in Germany because of it.

There were some young fans tweeting they were upset that they were missing a chance to see him, but most of the tweets are praying for Samuel’s recovery. It’s sweet to see that much love outpouring on Twitter for a guy so many have never met. It appears Koch was injured on a show of some sort in Germany and was not connected to Bieber before.

Do you know the full story on Samuel Koch? Add your insights below. (There are a lot of articles in German on him on Google News … but I can’t read German.)

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