Who Is Shailey Tripp: Five Things About The Woman Todd Palin Cheated With

shailey tripp todd palin todd plain affair
Shailey Tripp: The woman who Todd Palin cheated with?

Who is Shailey Tripp, the woman in the Todd Palin affair? (Or shall we call it “alleged affair nothing’s been proven yet, and I’m sure many Sarah Palin supporters will call this another blood libel!) What do we know about Shailey Tripp? Here’s five things about Shailey Tripp, Todd Palin’s mistress, including how they met.

1. She is a massage therapist …

2. Or is that just a fancy word for “prostitute?” She was busted in March for allegedly running a prostitution house, which Todd Palin may or may not have gone to.

3. She pleaded no contest to the charges.

4. She lives in Wasila just like the palins.

5. She’s also listed her occupation as “computer technologist” so I guess she, like Sarah Palin, enjoys making up words.


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