Who Is the Mega Millions Winner?!? A Star is Born!


No doubt that on Tuesday night, someone’s life changed forever. That someone will not only become exceedingly wealthy but also famous over night. On Monday they were just John or Jane Doe and one day later, they could be instant millionaires, of the multi- millionaire variety. So who is the big Mega Million winner?

We don’t know who yet, the Mega Million officials will confirm if and where from the winner is on Wednesday morning. If someone was lucky enough to select the numbers or get a quick pick with the numbers 15-47-4-25-8 (and Mega Ball 42), then they are the winner. But I can tell you that in California – the state I live in – there was no ticket sold that was the ONE jackpot winner. And Georgia and Kentucky are reporting that they don’t have the big winner either.

But then again, there might not BE a winner this week. That would mean a even bigger lottery would be planned for next week bringing the jackpot up to about $500 Million Dollars! But with all the tickets sold across the land over the last couple of days, there ought to be at least ONE winner.

Do you think someone will be the big winner? Or maybe a group who bought the tickets together? Or maybe no-one won? But if there was a winner…they’re going to be a star overnight and we’ll all know their name soon.

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