Who Is TJ Lavin? Five Facts


BMX rider TJ Lavin is currently at the trauma center of the University Medical Center in Las Vegas after falling from his bike. He shattered his right wrist, broke some ribs, and doctors have put him in a medically induced coma to relieve swelling on his brain.

Just who is T.J? Here are some facts:

-T.J. has hosted MTV’s The Challenge since its eleventh season.

-He has lived in Las Vegas his entire life.

-In high school he wrestled and if he wasn’t a BMX biker, he would probably be a professional in motocross. He is also a musician. His album is called LAVS the First SET and he appeared on the song “Never Gonna Hold Me Down” with Johnny Richter on the Sub Noize Souljaz album, on the song “Watcha Want” on the album Random Stuff by good friend and Suburban Noize recording artist Big B, and on the Tsunami Bros. album King Harbor in a song titled “The Crab Shack Special”.

-He got his first bike at two and has raced since the age of 15. By 19, he turned pro. He has won almost every event he’s ever entered from the X Games to the Dew Action Sports Tour.

-There is a movie about him called “A Film about T.J. Lavin”.