Who Is Toni Mesquida Pomar? Why Is Rafael Nadal Concerned About His Family?


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Who Is Toni Mesquida Pomar? Why Is Rafael Nadal Concerned About His Family?

Who is Toni Mesquida Pomar and why is Rafael Nadal voicing concern about his family on Facebook? That’s a question on the mind of Rafael Nadal’s fans after the tennis player posted a status update today about Toni Mesquida Pomar. What happened to the 24-year-old man from Manacor, Nadal’s hometown?
I could only find one article on what happened and it was in Spanish. My Spanish is not great, but here’s what I pieced together: Antoni M.P., as the article calls him, was swimming with his father when he failed to come to the surface and apparently drowned.
Many fans noted that Nadal lost his match today and was apparently playing with a heavy heart. Here’s what he posted on Facebook: “I wrote before in my Spanish languages that today it is a sad day for everyone in Manacor because we have lost Toni Mesquida Pomar. I would like to give my support to his family. A big hug to them! Rafa.”
Our heart goes out to them as well. If you have any more information or corrections to what I pieced together, please post.


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