Woman Embroiled in Charlie Sheen Scandal: 5 Things About Capri Anderson

Capri Anderson was woman who called security on Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen, 45, has characterized his latest scandal as “overblown,” yet not many men who just recently assaulted his wife while his infant twins were under the same roof are found less than a year later naked and drunk after an adult film star calls security while locked in the bathroom because she was “extremely afraid” of him. Overblown? Okay, Charlie, I guess this is all normal. Regardless, the woman involved in this incident has been identified as Capri Anderson (real name Christina Walsh, Capri Anderson is her stage name). A few things about her:

–She is an adult film star and is irked by the fact she’s been referred to as an escort in the press. She’s an adult film star, people!

–Capri Anderson is one of her many stage names. She also goes by Alexis Capri, Stella Costanza and Capri Nubiles.  Her real name is Christina Walsh.

–She is 22, let than half Sheen’s age.

–Her father talked to Radar Online and said the following: “I wouldn’t even believe her if she said something about Charlie Sheen. Why would she be with Charlie Sheen?” He said she won’t discuss with him what she does for a living but he knows she is an aspiring actress. “I’m not quite sure exactly what she does. I always talk to her and she says, why do we have to talk about money?” More of his comments on the situation here.

–She reported via Twitter being sick with “inflamed tonsils” the morning of October 24, but must have rebounded for her memorable Tuesday night date with Sheen two days later.

Let’s face it, a high profile scandal like this is probably good for the career of someone in the adult industry. At least somebody benefits from this sad situation, because Sheen’s family, children and co-stars certainly don’t.

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