Who Made the List of Most Fascinating People? You Won't Believe Who!

Jersey Shore cast
MTV's "Jersey Shore"

ABC’s Barbara Walters has announced her “Most Fascinating People” for 2010.

Who won’t believe who made it to this year’s list.

Former Golden Girl Betty White, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock and LeBron James made the list.  So did Canadian teen heartthrob Justin Bieber and Sarah Palin.

Guess who else?  The whole cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore made the cut!

Barbara Walters is going to sit down with Snooki and The Situation to talk about “smooshing” and what constitutes a “grenade”?

Wow!  Barbara is getting with the times, I guess.

“We have quite an eclectic list this year, but every subject has truly fascinated and entertained us this year,” Barbara said in a statement.

It will be interesting to hear more about Kate Middleton since we don’t know much yet about the princess-to-be. 

Sandra Bullock has had a rough year since splitting from Jesse James and becoming a single mom.

Barbara will also sit down with Sarah Palin, who makes the list for the third-straight year, and talks about rumors about her personal life, and how she is treated by the press.

Two more names will be announced but the tenth person won’t be revealed until her ABC News special airs.  The 18th instalment of Walters “Most Fascinating People” special will air Thursday, December 9 at 10pm.

Photo: PRPhotos