Who Owns My Heart Video by Miley Cyrus: Not So Racy! (Video)

Miley Cyrus
Is Miley Cyrus the next Britney Spears?

I can’t believe the uproar due to Miley Cyrus’s new “Who Owns My Heart ” video. The Parents Television Council is even slamming the singer saying that she’s too sexy and setting a bad example for young fans.

People are now comparing Miley’s “coming of age” to that of Britney Spears.  Although she may be following in Britney’s footsteps, we shouldn’t also forget how worse Christina Aguilera’s “Dirty” video was.

Is Miley setting a bad example for young girls who still look up to her from her Hannah Montana days?  It’s not her purpose to be a role model, is it? 

What do her fans and parents say?

@BistarkeynHutch on Twitter writes, “How many times can we as a society over react to this coming of age drama? #mileycyrus, you’re 17 do your thing, won’t be the first or last.

A Babble reader and parent, Laura Vivoni writes: “I really understand that every artist has the right to do artistically what they want to do, and Miley is growing up and wants to let the world know. On the other hand, I also have the right to control what my child watches and I always monitor her video watching.”

@OnlyErin1 on Twitter writes “Please tell the parents group that slamed #mileycyrus that she wasn’t going to stay the same age forever.”

I personally think the video wasn’t too racy.  If parents are outraged by her video, then perhaps they should just not allow their kids from watching.  

Watch the video and weigh in.