Who Owns My Heart Video: Is Miley Cyrus The Next Britney Spears?

Miley Cyrus
Is Miley Cyrus the next Britney Spears?

Miley Cyrus is definitely turning heads with her new “Who Owns My Heart ” video. In fact, the Parents Television Council is even slamming the singer saying that she’s too sexy and setting a bad example for young fans.

It’s no secret that teen pop stars in the past have eventually gone down a more risque route at one point or another, but Britney Spears is probably the most notable example. There seem to be a lot of similarities between her and Miley, which begs the question, “Is Miley Cyrus the next Britney Spears?”

Britney got her start on the Mickey Mouse Club, while Miley was made famous through Hannah Montana. Both were innocent Disney shows. Britney went on to become a huge teen pop star, and so did Miley. Girls everywhere were screaming their heads off for Britney’s sold out concerts, and Cyrus followed suit with that as well.

When Britney was at the peak of her stardom, she turned up the sexy a few notches, and then everything kind of went downhill. Is Miley destined to go down the same path?

At only 17-years old, Cyrus has barely begun her career. But if she’s not careful, she may wind up married, pregnant, divorced, and with cheap hair extensions before she fully enters her twenties.

Photo: Pacific Coast News