Who Turned Down Dancing With The Stars: Sly Stallone, Suzanne Summers, Ann Coulter, More


sylvester stalloneIs “Dancing With the Stars” season 11 setting the bar too low these days for contestants? Two days after the decidedly D-list cast for the upcoming season was announced (sorry, but “The Situation” is not good), the list of people “Stars” tried to cast without success has come out. And honestly, it doesn’t look much better.

Based on the list of people who turned the show down, “Stars” should be replaced with C-list, at best.

Producers unsuccessfully tried to woo conservative commentator Ann Coulter, action star Sylvester Stallone and “Three’s Company” actress/Thighmaster enthusiast Suzanne Sommers.

They also approached billionaire Richard Branson (interesting guy except when he’s on a reality show; remember that Fox bomb a few years ago?), comic Tim Allen (that has some potential), the real Erin Brockovich (wait, is this 2001?) and ex-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (pair her with Derek Hough and … maybe).

Or, shudder, the most terrible possibility of all: Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, whose attempts to explain every time the social networking site impinges on your privacy makes my blood run cold. (It happens a lot, so lots of cold blood.) I bet Steve Wozniak and Kenny Mayne would get a run for “worst contestants ever” from Zuckerberg.


Photo: Wikipedia