Who will be Justin Bieber's Valentine? Is it Selena Gomez?

Who will be Justin Bieber's Valentine?
Who will be Justin Bieber's Valentine?

Who will Justin Bieber taking out for Valentine’s Day?

“I think I’m going to get a huge basket and find a lot of cool stuff to put in it,” he says about planning a special Valentine’s treat….

So who is the lucky gal?

His Mom!!!

“She’s always traveling and losing stuff, so I’m going to get stuff she’s lost. I’ll get her flowers, and take her to lunch.”

Isn’t that sweet?  Last week, when asked if he had a girlfriend, he said he had many! Guess Selena Gomez is not one of them???

He has been linked to Selena Gomez for a while now, with photos of them together, holding hands… but he maintains they are just good friends.

But the 16-year-old pop star talked about the one rumor that he wishes could be true… even though Jay-Z might not like it!

“That Beyonce kissed me. Don’t be mad at me Jay-Z…Please don’t be mad,” he said.

We can’t argue with that wish!

The young star chatted with Radio Disney’s Ernie D which will air on Friday at 6pm ET. gave us the sneak peek.

Is Justin surprised that he’s nominated for two Grammy awards?

“It shocks me that I’m up for two Grammys. It’s real exciting to just think that this is possible and to be able to put that on my shelf and look at that and be proud is really awesome.”

Justin Bieber’s 3D documentary film Never Say Never hits theaters on February 11.