Who Will Be the Big Winners at the Spike VGA 2010?


Tonight is a big night for the gaming industry. Spike TV honor the video games in what is like the Oscars for gamers. For those who consider their Xbox, Playstation or Wii system as an extension of their body, there video game heros will heralded and have their non-virtual  real life day getting a really really good score…a VGA award.

Countless kids, tween and teens are immersed in game culture and this night was created to honor these Game Developer stars that are usually behind a computer screen not on our TV screen.

So who will be the big winners at this years Spike Video Game Awards? We have the inside scoop of who may be the big winners…

I spoke to Meggan Scavio, the Director of the Game Developers Conference, and she gave us her picks of who will prevail at tonight’s VGAs:

The big winner? She predicts it will be Red Dead Redemption – ” the open world Western took everyone by surprise. Maybe Rockstar’s best game yet”

Another big winner may be Mass Effect 2. She said the “game actually took into account decisions you made in the first game. You still felt the repercussions of your actions. Pretty amazing…”

Do you or your family have video game favorites you’d like to see win?