Who Won DWTS? Jennifer Grey Dancing with the Stars Winner 2010 Fixed?

who won dwts jennifer grey dancing with the stars 2010 winner
Who won DWTS? Jennifer Grey's win fixed?

Who won DWTS? Jennifer Grey is the Dancing with the Stars winner 2010, but was Jennifer Grey’s outcome fixed as DWTS winner?

Jennifer Grey’s Dancing with the Stars win has some DWTS fans unhappy, as they believe that Jennifer’s outcome was fixed from the beginning.

Comments lit up last night after the DWTS results last night claiming that Jennifer Grey’s previous dance training made it unfair and noting that the Dancing with the Stars competition was fixed.

After all, the judges’ scores were a factor in who would win and Jennifer Grey did no wrong in their eyes during the finals and the finale performances.

The Dancing with the Stars winner 2010 could have been more unfair – it could have been Bristol Palin! Then again, was it a fix that Palin was in the finals just to take the attention off of DWTS plan to crown Jennifer Grey the champ?

Do you think Jennifer Grey’s Dancing with the Stars win was fixed?