Who won Live to Dance? Live to Dance Winner!

live to dance winner
Who won Live to Dance?

Last week, the final round of competition was held for Paula Abdul’s Live to Dance. The six acts performed one last time and America voted.

Tonight, we found out who was the very first Live to Dance Winner.

To kick off the show, all six final acts danced together.

After the first break, we found out who were the top three acts, eliminating the other three.

Top 3: White Tree Fine Art, D’Angelo and Amanda, and then Kendall Glover. So, two child acts and the ballet dancers.

This elimated The Vibe, Twitch, and Dance Town Chaos.

At this point,  we were only fifteen minutes left in the show and I wished they would just hurry up and get to the winner. Really, it could have been a half hour show.

Who won Live to Dance? Just tell us the Live to Dance winner already?

But first, we watched each of the top three dance again and listen to the judges talk about their performances.

The third place act was: White Tree Fine Art, meaning that one of the children’s acts was going to be the winner. How do you compete against adorable children? Paula Abdul was starting to cry so hard that she could barely talk.

The Live to Dance winner is D’Angelo and Amanda! Congrats, kiddos! Hope your parents save your money for your college fund!