Who Won Project Runway 2010? A Dad: Seth Aaron Henderson


It’s the question of the day: Who won Project Runway, 2010 edition? As in, who is Seth Aaron Henderson? We’ve seen his clothes (“fearless” in the words of judge Michael Kors), we know his personality as it was edited for reality TV, but who’s the actual man behind the collection?

He’s a dad! And we love it when parents win on-screen competitions (you hear that, American Idol?). Especially a competition lorded over by another parent, mom Heidi Klum. So this show has done us proud, and the Project Runway Season 7 winner is our favorite yet.

Henderson, 38, grew up in San Diego but now lives in Vancouver with his wife and two kids, ages 11 and 13. He began making clothes purely for himself,  he told The Oregonian, “because I could never pull anything off the rack and say I was happy.” Now that the show’s over and he’s won the Project Runway $100,000 prize, he confesses that he might move down to L.A. (family and all). 

But money wasn’t last night’s biggest reward. “I’m showing my kids that hard work and love for what you do pays off,” Henderson said. “And I see it in their eyes. They’re proud of their father. I think that’s what this is all about for me.” Spoken like a true winner. And an awesome dad.

PHOTO: Lifetime TV