Who Won The Amazing Race? Nat and Kat The Doctors First Female Team Winners of Amazing Race!

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Nat and Kat first all female team Amazing Race winners

Who won The Amazing Race 17 finale? The doctors, Nat and Kat, won Amazing Race, making them the first all-female team winners of the reality series.

Nat Strand, 31, and Kat Chang, 35, as winners of The Amazing Race, win a million dollars.

Were you happy that Nat and Kat won The Amazing Race, or were you hoping another team would be the winners of Amazing Race? You have to admit their career as doctors really helped them maintain their cool under pressure.

The final three teams on The Amazing Race finale were Nat and Kat, Jill and Thomas, and Brooke and Claire.

Nat and Kat faced many ups and downs in their Amazing Race journey, winning some weeks and falling behind in others. One of the biggest challenges was when vegetarian Kat ate a sheep’s head to win the Fast Forward.

Pretty cool to have the first all female team win in Amazing Race history!