Who Won The Election? Celebrities Don't Seem To Care

Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel
Do celebs care who won the election?

People everywhere are asking the same question today, “Who won the election?” It’s pretty easy to see that the Republicans are the ones who won the election now that they’ve officially taken over the House of Representatives.

Hollywood is typically pretty big on the whole voting thing, but with regards to who won the election this time, it would appear that most celebrities don’t seem to care.

I will never forget seeing a photo back in 2008 of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel walking with their coffees to go vote for Barack Obama in the Presidential election. Yesterday, however, there was no sign of them at the polls.

In fact, the only celebrities who were seen at the polls were Jennifer Garner and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It could be that most celebs chose to vote by absentee ballot to avoid being mobbed at the voting polls, but that didn’t stop them from voting two years ago. What is the reason behind their lack of attendance?

Do celebrities even care who won the election?

Photo: Pacific Coast News