Who Won Top Chef All Stars Fan Favorite? Was Fabio Robbed?


top chef fan favoriteEven more than the announcement of who won Top Chef All Stars, I was waiting to find out who won Top Chef All Stars fan favorite. I really thought that Richard Blais would win Top Chef, so there wasn’t as much drama in that.

But, fan favorite? It could be anyone! Though, I was rooting for Fabio Viviani because he’s just so darn charming. Not to mention talented.  But, that accent gets me.

So, was I right? Who won Top Chef Fan Favorite?

Carla and Fabio were the top two for fan favorite. Oh, be still my heart. Fabio. Even though I adore Carla. Hootie hoo!

The Top Chef Fan Favorite from Top Chef All Stars, winning $10,000, was Carla Hall. Okay, Carla, I adore you. If Fabio couldn’t win, I’m glad it was you.