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Whoa, Kate Gosselin Smacks Her Kids?!

By Sassy Smith |


It’s no secret, Kate Gosselin likes order and routine when it comes to running her household and raising her children.  It’s understandable to want to keep things from becoming out-of-control chaotic, but does Kate take the discipline of her eight kids too far?

According to a former staffer, Kate smacks her kids with a large, plastic kitchen spoon when they have misbehaved.

From NE print edition, June 22, 2009 via Celebitchy:

Kate Gosselin is a regular boozer with a hair-trigger temper who has angrily paddled her kids with a kitchen utensil, an ex-staffer for Kate and her estranged husband Jon charges.

In an explosive exclusive interview, the former employee also reveals that she saw Kate getting cozy with bodyguard Steve Nield, the silver-haired hunk with whom she’s been rumored to be romantically involved…

“By the end of the day after the kids were settled, Kate would drink a bottle of wine by herself. This happened several nights a week,” said the source, who worked with the Gosselins for six months and quit at the end of summer 2008…

Kate was “short-fused and demanding,” according to the source, and while off-camera, she often disciplined the children in a very harsh, sometimes even violent, manner.

“When one of the boys closed a door on another one once, Kate got in their faces and yelled, ‘You tell me the truth about what happened!’” the source revealed.

“The children just stood there, terrified. Then she dragged one of the boys into the bathroom and spanked him five or six times with a large plastic mixing spoon.

“You could hear Kate forcefully whacking the child and the child screaming at the top of his lungs. People told me it happened more than once, but it was off-camera because Kate didn’t want it in the show.

The source also witnessed the growing closeness between Kate and her bodyguard, New Zealand native Steve Nield.

In a surprisingly intimate gesture, “Steve often put his hands on her hips to guide her.”

I’m not sure if drinking a bottle of wine now and again makes someone a “boozer” but the hitting the kids with a plastic spoon bothers me (if true).  While a parent’s decision on how to discipline their child(ren) is their own business, I don’t think it’s a good idea to hit a child in anger, particularly with any sort of object.

Would Kate really hit her kids?  Does that change your opinion of her?


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0 thoughts on “Whoa, Kate Gosselin Smacks Her Kids?!

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  2. [...] Whoa, Kate Gosselin Smacks Her Kids? [...]

  3. NoUse4Kate says:

    Quote: “Would Kate really hit her kids? Does that change your opinion of her?”

    No, my opinion of k8 will not change. I have not cared for her from the beginning pretty much. The recent photos of her losing it and hauling off on Leah seem to confirm the above story, do they not?

  4. Diane says:

    My opinion of her has never changed and will continue to be the same…
    This woman is evil. Pure evil. She doesn’t deserve these beautiful babies. To her they (the kids) are nothing but piggy banks and when their usefulness subsides she will have no use for them either! — Just like everyone else she’s throw to the curb.

  5. [...] Whoa, Kate Gosselin Smacks Her Kids? [...]

  6. ashley says:

    wow, she spanked her kid, only 1ce in a row, what a “horrible” mother, a LOT of people spank there kids, and they dont spank them 1ce in a row, they do 3+ times in a row, get over it.

  7. Responding to Ashley says:

    I think what you meant to say is that a LOT of people spank *their* kids. And, if the only issue you see being discussed is a parent’s right to spank *their* children, then you have completely {and utterly} missed the point. I shudder when I hear such dismissive responses like ‘get over it’ and ‘I spank my kids too’ and ‘good parents hold their children accountable for their behavior’. Those people must also be comfortable with flying off the handle and *THAT* behavior is equally reprehensible as well. If you are fine with spanking {and I do think it can be effective when done a certain way} then you must also understand that there is a way for it to be effective. If a child blowing a whistle deems a spanking that causes such force that the definition of your muscles shows or that you react so quickly that it doesn’t occur to you to whisk your child into the house to deliver the spanking, then I would worry about your assessment of this situation.

    You, too, may have a rage issue. This issue is not about spanking. It’s about hair trigger anger.

    Perhaps this will give you a little more to think about than your flippant, ‘get over it’ attitude.

  8. Zanny says:

    The excuse for Kate Gosselin is usually that she has eight kids, so she doesn’t have time to do things, such as explain and reason with her kids, take the gum out of a beloved security blanket/toy instead of throwing it away and telling her child to say goodbye to it because it is going in the trash, making her son sleep on the laundry room floor with all the machines running when he has the flu, not giving water to her child who asks for it. Yet she has time for French manicures, high maintenance hair, personal trainer, tanning sessions, etc.

    No one is saying that a mother does not have the right to take care of herself, but if the excuse for her poor parenting habits is lack of time, then it is clear where her priorities lie. What exactly is learned by Leah from being smacked for blowing the whistle a second time? Does she learn she is being inconsiderate? No, she learns that power rules and she had better be careful not to aggravate anyone in power; she learns that violence is a viable method for dealing with children; she learns that a mother is not to loved and honored but to be feared; she learns that her feelings are secondary to the importance of a cup of coffee. No one is saying Leah was right for continuing to blow the whistle. Even 5 year olds can learn to be considerate. But they learn to respect others and be considerate when they are treated with respect and consideration. Kate is definitely not a role model for that. To those of you who hold Kate Gosselin up as a model parent, read some books and consult some experts on parenting. You are definitely on the wrong track.
    And for those of you who say, “I spanked my kids and they turned out fine”…ask your kids what they thought of the spanking. Was it done is anger, as Kate’s was apparently done? Did you find time to reason and explain?

  9. [...] Whoa, Kate Gosselin Smacks Her Kids? [...]

  10. Kate Dierman says:

    I was spanked as a child and I did turn out ok. I was even spanked with a wooden spoon. (My mom called it Sally Sad Spoon) I will spank my children when necessary. Perhaps why most children now grow up with no respect for authority , and without any decorum is because they were never made to have any respect . In the southern region of the US we call that being “raised right” LOL. I have little patience for those people who scream child abuse any time they hear about a child being spanked. Honestly people ! Our world is going to Hell in a Handbasket and I don’t think Kate gosselin spanking her child is really cause for alarm.I doubt Leah will have an anxiety attack every time she sees a whistle just because she was spanked for blowing one. She is not scarred for life . I imagine her pscyche is jsut fine. Get a life people

  11. Jess says:

    I only agree with spanking for certain situations. Out of anger is certainly not one of them. The “certain situations” I would, and have considered spanking my daughter are extreme situations, such as: if my daughter were running toward the road and when told to stop wouldn’t-and does it every time we go outside. I would then consider spanking as I don’t see it as “abuse” if used properly as punishment. A smack once in the butt is much better in my eyes than being flattened on the road! As for the whistle blowing issue, a 5 min. time out (1 min. per year old the child is) would suffice rather than a spanking. On the other hand, I don’t think Leah will be scarred for life from this particular situation, but if Kate is using kitchen spoons as weapons to spank the kids when she’s angry, that would have to have some “drawbacks” in the future.

  12. janine says:

    I think everyone should leave this poor family alone!!! Apparantely nobody has anything useful to do with their time except repremand a parent who is doing what she thinks is best for her children…spare the rod and spoil the child…i think we aren’t disciplining enough! Go KATE!!! That is why she has such well behave children!

  13. hector says:

    kate is so sad because jon do not like her any more

  14. Hollie says:

    there is nothing wrong with a mother spanking her children when they get out of line. as for the incident with leah, i dont see anything wrong with a mother swatting her child on the bottom. it doesnt hurt them emotionally and doesnt scar them for life. my mother did the same to me and after being spanked twice i quickly learned not to misbehave simple as that. as for the spoon, my mother used a wooden one so i still see nothing wrong with kate’s discipline. maybe she does lose her temper. so what any mother does now imagine that much frustration times eight!

  15. Hollie says:

    and by the way i think she’s doing what most parents now days are scared to…. and that disciplining your child!!!

  16. Stacey says:

    Kate is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. People will complain when they don’t think a parent does enough to discipline their children and then the same people will be the first to shout “abuse” when a parent does do something to discipline their child. To those of you who don’t believe in spankings…how is “time-out” working for you and your Little Johnny? And so what if Kate drinks a bit after the kids go to bed, I guess you would prefer she be more open about it and chug a few drinks while the kids are awake? Obviously there are more certifiable saints out there than originally thought because only the sinless can throw stones in judgement of others!!!!! Mind your business and let others live their own lives in peace!

  17. Skye says:

    Okay, none of you have the right to judge how she parents her children. The only reason she even does the show is so that her children will have amazing opportunites in life that she wouldn’t be able to afford if she hadn’t done it. Of course money changes people. And we all know that Kate likes nice things for herself. But being a full time mother of eight kids on camera is something probably all of you haven’t experienced, so I think that whatever Kate does with her children is something that shouldn’t be criticized by people who haven’t been in her place. Really.

  18. alexis says:

    why would gosselin hit her kids???? i have nothing against kate gosslin but hitting kids has gone WAY overboard because her kids have to deal with alot. that is sad. i think kate is depressed and sad beacuse she was a little harsh on jon.(and sometimes the kids). that made me feel sad that they are seperating but kate dosent have to hit her kids i mean come on. she must feel like her world is ruined because jon is cheating on her i know they are getting divorced but i have nothing against jon either but he must also feel bad because he cheated on kate and the kids must have a horrible life now especially mady and cara because they are old enough to know about what is going on. and the kids will also feel sad in a few years because they are only five but they will know around the age of 6 and 7.

  19. alexis says:

    i also think jon is a jerk for leaving kate cuz he wuz cheating on kate to

  20. sc says:

    Spanking a child is not abuse people! hitting out of angeris. Spanking is not to cause pain but sometimes it is neccessary to reinforce a point that is really for the good of a child. did kate overreact about leah? probably. its unsurprising that she would be stressed out already because her HUSBAND is CHEATING and she has 8 kids to look after on her own. Noone here has been through whaat kate is going through unless you have your own reality tv show, 2 sets of multiples, and a messy divorce. leave her be for once. she deserves some respect. and TMZ should shut the f*** up about her “hunk-striped, bi-level, Flock of Seagulls-humped-a-porcupine, reverse mullet weave. its rude and tacky, insulting her about her hair? what is this high school? get an f-ing life dickweeds.

  21. karin says:

    men only want 1 think in life and i know you are happy whit all off your kids i can have any i wash i could.lot off fun think they do and i was your show all the time and good luck he do not know want he is miss out.

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