Whoopi Goldberg Remembers Late Mom Emma Johnson on The View


whoopi goldbergWhoopi Goldberg revealed on the season premiere of “The View” today that her mother, Emma Johnson, died on Aug. 29 of complications from a stroke. Goldberg had pulled out of the London production of “Sister Act” late last month to be with her mother after she suffered a stroke, but she had not told the press that she died.

Goldberg offered a tender and beautiful tribute to her mom that’s sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever lost a parent.

“I think I’m just sad sometimes that I think, ‘Who will love me the way that she did?'” Goldberg said.

She also said that her mom, who had a masters degree in early childhood education from New York University, taught her and her brother many life lessons and said she was one of the greatest people she ever had the pleasure of knowing.

It couldn’t have been easy for Goldberg to remember her mom like that so soon after her death. My thoughts were perfectly summed up by guest David Letterman, who told Goldberg that her tribute was the most beautiful thing he’d ever heard said about a late parent.

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