Whoopi Vs. The Real Housewife: Michaele Salahi Tells Her Side Of the Story! (VIDEO)


Oh, why can’t everybody just get along? As you may have heard there were allegations that a cast member of The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. got in a heated fight with Whoopi Goldberg while making an appearance on The View. There was talk of yelling, cursing and even that Whoopi wacked the infamous housewife Michaele Salahi. And Michaele shared her side of the story with Kathy Lee and Hoda on the third hour of the Today Show.

So what did she claim happened?

“I was in the back, and Whoopi came into the room and said, ‘Eff this, eff that, did you say I effing hit you?’ ” Michaele said. “I’m just sitting in a room waiting for my car and I’d already been through being called a crasher….she snuck up behind me and said ‘get on with the white house…'”

Michaele claims that she never said that Whoopi hit her just that she grabbed her arm.  “I said, ‘Bring me the person, Whoopi, I never said you hit me.'”, Michaele responded.  I started crying because now I have someone that I don’t even know, I’m a guest on her show, and they’re berating me with ‘Eff this.’ ”

Salahi continued, “At the end, [Whoopi] said, ‘You have to know me, I just say eff this, I don’t mean it. I just say eff you, but I didn’t mean that. You understand that.’

[But] I don’t know her personality,” Salahi added. “I know her from the movie ‘Sister Act,’ so I don’t expect a sister to be saying ‘Eff you.’ ”

Do you think this was something totally blown out for proportion just for TV? It is great timing to get buzz for the show!

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