Who's Team Are You On? Pint-Sized Celebrity Sports Fans


Another day, another photo of Sarah Jessica Parker walking son James Wilkie to school. This morning, however, he was using his chest for the greater good. Celebrities have the ability to spread messages worldwide simply with the writing on their chests. Paparazzi take photos, those photos are distributed worldwide, and the messages of peace, goodwill…or GIANTS are spread worldwide.

That’s right, little James, who looks more like dad Matthew Broderick by the minute, is a N.Y Giants fan. And below, check out which other celebrity fans have donned sports-team wear (with PHOTOS, of course!).

Heidi Klum’s son Henry wore a psychedelic N.Y. Yankees shirt while out for a stroll with mom and grandma (heidi’s mother Erma).

Noah Wylie’s son (and doppelganger) Owen was appropriately clad to support the home team at a L.A. Lakers game.

And, no surprise, Hank Baskett Jr. has a bit of Indianapolis Colts-wear. That’s him SUPER-backlit below, with mom Kendra Wilkinson, who’s also wearing her loyalty on her sleeve!

Photos: INF Photo, Celebrity Baby Scoop (x2), Twitter