Whose Parents Are These? Yup, Celebrities Have Moms & Dads...Just Like Us! (Photos)

Whose Parents Are These?

We all have them. Parents. Do matter if you are an A-lister , a D-lister or just you or me, we all came from some place.

And celebrities, they have a certain breed of parent. Those who help manage their careers, those who will travel the world to be near the grandkids, and those who have pushed, supported and cheered on their kids to stardom.

We’ve collected a slideshow of the parents of celebrity parents. Can you guess who their sons and daughters are?

  • Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson 1 of 15
    Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson
    Above, that's their parents (and managers) mom and dad Joe and Tina Simpson.
  • Whose Parents Are These? 2 of 15
    Whose Parents Are These?
    Hint: Check out the bags.
  • David Beckham 3 of 15
    David Beckham
    That's David's parents Ted and Sandra.
  • Whose Mom is This? 4 of 15
    Whose Mom is This?
    Hint: Her 5-year-old granddaughter is probably more famous than her daughter.
  • Katie Holmes 5 of 15
    Katie Holmes
    That's mom Kathleen with Katie to celebrate her birthday.
  • Whose Parents Are These? 6 of 15
    Whose Parents Are These?
    Hint: Their son is SUPER famous and a father to six.
  • Brad Pitt 7 of 15
    Brad Pitt
    Bill Pitt and Jane Pitt! They spend a lot of time with the grandkids from LA, to NYC to Venice!
  • Whose Dad is This? 8 of 15
    Whose Dad is This?
    His daughter was a Bond girl.
  • Denise Richards 9 of 15
    Denise Richards
    That's her dad Irv! Who had a role on her reality show of yore.
  • Whose Dad is This? 10 of 15
    Whose Dad is This?
    Hint: His daughter recently had a baby but no one knows who the dad is!
  • January Jones 11 of 15
    January Jones
    Her dad Marvin has been spending quality time with his daughter a grandson.
  • Whose Mom is This? 12 of 15
    Whose Mom is This?
    Hint: Her daughter recently welcomed her second daughter.
  • Jessica Alba 13 of 15
    Jessica Alba
    That's Jessica's mom Cathy!
  • Whose Dad is This? 14 of 15
    Whose Dad is This?
    Hint: His daughter sings, has acted and has a clothing line.
  • Gwen Stefani 15 of 15
    Gwen Stefani
    Yup! That's Gwen's dad helping his daughter out on Easter.


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