Why Angelina Jolie Won't Be Enrolling Her Kids In School Anytime Soon


You won’t be seeing Angelina Jolie‘s kids in a classroom anytime soon. Her and Brad Pitt’s children are learning about the world by traveling around the world. These modern day nomads have been spotted all around the globe, and with traveling like that, well it’s not really conducive to the Monday – Friday school day. But that’s not the main reason why Angelina Jolie doesn’t put her kids (Maddox, 9; Pax, 7; Zahara, 6; Shiloh, 5 and two-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.) into a standard school.

The school just aren’t providing the kind of education Jolie wants for her kids. She told the Independent that, “I do think we live in a different age and the education system hasn’t caught up with our children and our way of life.”  And she wants them to experience things instead of just sit in a school room. “We travel and I’m the first person to say, “Get the school work done as quickly as possible because let’s go out and explore”.” She added that, instead of tomfoolery in the class room, ‘I’d rather them go to a museum and learn to play guitar and read and pick a book they love.”

To get their basics the kids are enrolled in the the Lycée programm, a French schooling system which is taught to them by tutors and nannies.

Do you think the Jolie kids will suffer from not being a standard school setting?