Why Are People Searching for Eliza Kruger Pictures?

Eliza Kruger pictures
Eliza Kruger hooked up with Mark Sanchez

The internet is buzzing with Google searches of Eliza Kruger pictures.  Why?

Well, the 17-year-old reportedly hooked up with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

And many people are searching online to see photos of Kruger!

The high school studen who claims to have spent the night at the quarterback’s New Jersey home. She told the sports blog Deadspin that she met Sanchez at a nightclub on New Year’s Eve and they dined together a week later.

“We went back to his place in Jersey after dinner. He lives on a golf course. There was a big storm,” Eliza told Deadspin.

Eliza bragged it on Facebook and sent Deadspin photos of an unmade bed as “proof”, according to The New York Post.

“He’s a really nice guy, you know,” Eliza told the site. “He’s one of the kindest people, and he’s a genuine person.”

So has Sanchez done anything wrong? New York and New Jersey law both give the 24-year-old leave to date a 17-year-old based on the age of consent.

But be warned – the same doesn’t apply to seeing pictures of Kruger that might show up on the Internet.