Why Are SJP and Hugh Grant Dining Together?


sjp-hugh-grantSarah Jessica Parker has a lot going on these days. She’s set to start filming SATC 2 at some point, she has the brand new twins, and she just finished filming a movie. Where does she find the time to dine with men other than her husband?

Hugh Grant and SJP  dined at Minetta Tavern in what some are calling a romantic dinner. A source says they, “looked quite comfortable together- they were laughing and talking like they’d been friends for a long time. Matthew Broderick was nowhere in sight and they rode home together in the same car.”

I know we’ve commented about SJP and Matthew Broderick living separately, but maybe things are a little more separate than we previously reported.

Then again, perhaps these two are just friends since they have known each other since 1996.

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