Why Brad and Angelina are Hiding the Twins


Angelina Jolie hiding the twins

Seems like we see tons of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with the four oldest kids – Maddox, Pax, Zaharah, and Shiloh – but what about the twins? Hardly ever see those bouncing toddlers around the town.

Seems that Angie and Brad are concerned about a dangerous health scare, and that’s why Vivienne and Knox remain at home.

The twins turn 1 year old July 12, and have only been seen in public one time since January. That was when they were spotted in an airport near Tokyo.

According to “Life & Style,” a family insider says that Brad and Angelina worry about the health of the twins. They keep the kids out of the public eye “because of their delicate state. Know and Vivienne need to be kept away from anything they could possibly be allergic to. That’s a lot easier to do when they’re home and in a controlled environment.”

Course, that sucks for those of us dying to bask in the SuperTwins’ cuteness. What? You KNOW you are!


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