Why Daniel Hernandez Rejected the Title of Hero

daniel hernandez, gabrielle giffords

Gabrielle Giffords intern Daniel Hernandez has been heralded as a hero.The 20-year old was thrust into the limelight after he was credited in saving Gabby Gifford’s life. The hulking young man who is a student at the University of Arizona was front and center during the Tragedy of Tuscon memorial service and was placed right next to President Obama on one side and Sandra Day O’Conner on the othere. A very prestigious seat to say the least.

Since details of that day has started to come out, Daniel Hernandez has bees been given the lofty name of hero. But hero. But it is a title that he – during this memorial service has forcefully rejected.  Why?

After he came to the stage with much fanfare and a standing ovation, he said that, ‘I appreciate but I must humbly reject the title of hero.” He rattles off the names of the victims, the survivors and credits the first respondsers as being the real heros. Rattles of other injured and killed in the tradegy.

He continued saying that ” The real heroes are those that dedicated themselves to public service. They are the people who we should be honoring… the public servants and first responders.”

Do you think you he really rejects being called a hero or is he really that humble? Either way, in many people’s eyes…especially to Gabriel Giffords, he will always be a hero.

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