Why Did Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Name Their Baby Egypt? Here's Why!


Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys are celebrities. And since they aren’t like you and me, they can freely go for the odd and unusual when naming their children. Sure we can go strange in naming our kids with a statement name, but celebrities just seem far more prone to do so.

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys welcomes their first son together, a baby boy named Egypt.  So why did they pick this unique moniker for their child that is more suited for a place than a person? I think we know!

The most likely scenario for the name?  It was a way for Alicia Keys to pay tribute to a country that had a great impact on her spiritually and creatively. . Back in 2007, Alicia was searching for inspiration for her new album, a record produced by Swiss Beatz. To reignite her creativity she went on a solo trip for a month to Egypt with just a tour guide. On her journey she spent time, floating down the Nile, swam in the Red Sea,  and sang at the top of a pyramid and visited ancient sites, like the Great Pyramid of Giza. ” She said of the trip, “I’m thinking, `Here is this structure that’s been standing for thousands of years, no magic tricks, no cranes, just mind, will and hands. “I had a profound realization that with my mind and my hands I could create something that could last forever.” She also said about the trip, ”It gave me a new sense of power, freedom, creativity, and limitlessness.”

Or perhaps they hopped on the naming their baby after a place rather than a person. Check out 5 other celebrities who went with this trend here.

What do you think of the name Egypt.

Photo: PR Web